Dome by River

The Vaal in the Vredefort Dome winds its way through a rocky landscape that offers both whitewater rafting and flat-water canoeing. You are accompanied by expert Dome guides who explain the features.


Canoe the Dome… a gorgeous scenic route through the mountainous first ring of the world’s biggest meteorite crater.


Drift the Dome… relax, sit back and let the oarsman row you downriver.


Summer only… raft the rapids on wilder stretches of the Vaal River in the Dome

All year round, we run canoe trips and drift rafting on the placid waters of the Vaal, flowing through the mountains of the crater. In summer when the river is full of energy we go whitewater rafting on famous rapids like Knucklecrusher.


Learn about the cataclysm that formed the Dome and its surrounding crater. Prof Graeme Addison and his wife Karen are both registered Dome Tour Guides. They have lived in and researched the area for nearly a quarter of a century. More about the guides…

See and learn about the world’s biggest meteorite crater from the river. The Vaal is the only major river on earth that flows right through an impact crater.

Named after the small town of Vredefort, which lies close to Ground Zero, the Dome is surrounded by mountains through which the river cuts its way.
On the overnight trips we either camp as a group or stay in DB&B lodges.


From mild to wild, the Vaal in the magnificent impact crater satisfies your sense of adventure. You don’t have to be a hero (come canoeing), but can be if you like! (Come whitewater rafting).

Each option requires a minimum of 6 bookings. If you are fewer, we may find others, just get hold of us to discuss.

Pick the camping option or book for DB&B overnight. We do not mix the parties, it’s one or the other!

Whitewater rafting is summer only when the river is pumping. Other trips are year-round.

A full briefing about what to wear and bring is sent on booking.

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Dome Canoe

Paddle yourself or go double. No significant rapids, just riffles and marvellous Dome Bergland scenery. All year round.

Dome Float

Go with the flow as a guide rows you downriver. Relax, chat and learn about the Dome from experts. All year round.

Dome Whitewater

Grab your paddle  for a wild ride! Both guided rafts and 2-seater crocs available (water level permitting). Summer only.

More about the Dome on our main Vredefort Dome site.

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