Come to our Information Centre here.  Call first!

At Otters Haunt 3km from Parys

The self drive is a very informative set with map & detailed notes as well as a 20 page illustrated booklet. The briefing to go with it lasts 45 minutes to an hour and is an essential primer to understand what you will see. We insist that you take the briefing and do not sell the map kit without it. We can do this any time from 8am, but please phone ahead to book.

Discover it Yourself

Normal cars can do the Dome provided you drive carefully. The roads are mostly gravel and somewhat corrugated. If you have an SUV, bakkie or full 4×4 it will be more comfortable.

The drive can take a few hours or full day, depending on what you choose to see.

Fill up before you go and take refreshments. There are great country places to stop and eat but no garages along the way and no shops.

The Dome is a huge area that can only be seen as a whole from space. Plus, the Dome Bergland – the first “ring” or collar of the Dome core – it itself a very big semi-circle of mountains. Prepare for an amazingly scenic drive! It will impress you with the sheer scale of this enormous feature on the Earth’s surface.