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Student researchers interview members of a community.

On these pages we provide information and assistance to visit academics, students and other researchers. Local knowledge and information is available in the memories of the people and in sites that can be visited. We aim to promote inquiries and capture the results.

Those who come to the Vredefort Dome may be historians, geographers, geologists, sociologists, political scientists, ecologists, artists and musicians – in other words, people from all walks of life. The region is of great scientific interest but in human terms it is a laboratory for what is called “cultural geography”.

Cultural geography is the study of the relationship of people to the landscape and environment they live in. It covers tradition, beliefs, knowledge systems, the arts, and the physical nature of the area with its mountains, rivers, farming areas, towns, roads and tourist venues. 

Whatever the project, is is worth knowing something about social research. Go here. Some of our ongoing projects in cultural geography are listed below. Click the one/s that interest you. A password is required to enter each study area.

Areas of interest

Battlefields of the Dome

Parys in the Anti-Apartheid Struggle

Vaal flood memories

Tourism and cultural identity

If you wish to enter, contact us for the password and explain your interest.

Traditional life in the southern African interior