Driving Tours

Drive the Dome with our expert tour guide.  Use your own car, which needs reasonable clearance for gravel roads. If you have 4×4 (or hire ours with driver) go off-road to unique sites not often seen by the public.

Tell us what interests you most – a general introductory tour or some specialty such as history, battlefields, cultures, wildlife and ecology, arts and architecture. If you are doing a school or university tour, what is the subject matter? Researchers can make use of our services to take you to sites in the Dome.

Discuss your mode of transport with us. The gravel roads are not too bad but some are corrugated and have potholes. Tours may stick to the tar and good gravel at your request but it limits what we see. Halfday tours are mainly on good roads. Full day takes us into the mountains where surfaces can be rough.


  • Minimum of 4 needed for a viable tour, limit 24 for a public tour
  • School and university groups need own transport and we can lead up to 200
  • Book ahead to ensure availability
  • Self-cater or stop for refreshments or lunches at country hotels
  • There are no garages for fuel except at Parys and Vredefort. Fill up!
  • There are no shops for provisions along the way
  • Cellphone reception is possible but poor in most places

To book , call or WhatsApp 084 245 2490 or 082 475 8767. Every tour tends to be different depending on group interests, so discuss your need with us.

We leave the transport and walk in places. The ground may be rugged but generally the walks are short and easy.