Geology students examine a “slumped” cliff containing shatter cones – rocks shocked by the immense blast.

From primary schools through secondary schools and up to tertiary level, we offer educational tours which can include activities such as hiking and rafting.

A rafting party sets off on the Vaal River, following its course through the Dome Bergland. Our expert guides accompany such groups to point out impact features and historical sites.

The Dome is an enormous outdoor classroom for educators and learners alike. From astronomy to zoology, geography to geology, impact studies to the importance of World Heritage Sites, we have the background and the experts to run educational tours and adventures.

Student on a hike learn experientially about the landscape and the natural forces that have shaped it over aeons.

Tell us what you wish to cover, how many you are, the ages and levels of education. We’ll draw up a proposal and quotation. The event can last a day or several days and we have accommodation to suit small and large groups with dinner, bed & breakfast options. Teachers come free in a ratio around 1:25.

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